Sketches for the meantime


Gallery lighting, park bench, park litter box, wood, cardboard, paint

Exhibition @ Fotogalleriet, Oslo

Stian Ådlandsvik and the German artist Lutz-Rainer Müller have in a drastic way reorganized all the fluorescent lighting in the gallery, utilizing them as props to suggest possible photographic sceneries. By removing the gallery ́s own illumination the artists turn the space inside out. The darkened gallery room functions as a battery, a paradoxical generator for new images.

The lighting, detached from its institutional function, highlight photography ́s dependence on light by constructing a kind of photograph in three dimensions. A ruined bench from the nearby park becomes a distillation of possible incidents, a garbage bin becomes a container for fantastic possibilities, and the backyard of the gallery becomes a site for immanent drama.

The artists suggest new readings of the gallery ́s function and of what a photography might potentially be. The gallery, devoid of light is an absurdity in itself, and might also point to the melancholic nature of photography, an absence indicating a presence.

Ida Kierulf