Still life


CAT scan of artist arms, 3d printed nylon arm bones, leather briefcase, clairvoyant bone reader

Exhibition Still life with modern guilt @ MOT international, London

The exhibition “Still life with modern guilt” is a work in progress that processes the very idea of collaboration.

CAT-Scans of Lutz-Rainer Müllers left arm and Stian Ådlansviks right arm were used to produce duplicates of every bone in their arms 3D printed in Polyamide. These bone-duplicates were put in customized briefcases that the artists carried with them to London. There they were opened and a clairvoyant bone-reader examined the bone layout formed by the journey. Emanating from the reading of the bones provided by the prophesier, the artists devised an installation, realized in compliance with the visions the fortune-teller had on their arms, works, practice or life in general.

In the exhibition precise medical technology and a clairvoyant collaborate with the help of the left and right arm of two artists.