Chain reflection corridor


Heliostat, glass, steel, vintage mirrors
2 floors

Commissioned by Art in Public Space Norway (KORO) for the Childrens Psychiatric Clinic at Akershus University Hospital (AHUS), Jessheim, Norway

A heliostat situated on the top of a small roof over the main entrance of the building is constantly making sure that sunlight is reflected to the same spot at all times, through a facade window and onto another mirror in the staircase. From here the sunlight is reflected onto a total of six vintage mirrors. They are all lined up to each other and makes sure that the sunlight is led up through the stairs of the building and through a wall at the 2nd floor. Here, in the waiting room where the children sit and wait for their psychiatric appointment, a room with no windows and thus no sunlight, the light comes to a visible halt in on one of the concrete walls.