60° 22’ 5.75”S 174° 38’ 58.46”W


Movable LED spotlight, computer and software
640 × 835 cm

Commissioned by Art in public space Norway (KORO) for Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, campus Bergen (HVL)

A wall inside the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in Bergen facing the main street in front of the building is used as a projection surface for imitating the sun’s movement at the spot exact opposite to Bergen on the earth. A light spot appears right after sun down in Bergen and moves over the wall while changing in size and color temperature in accordance to how the sun appears. A sketch of the sun’s position seen from the other side of the globe gives an omnipresent perspective and also indirectly describes the earth’s size and movement. A reminder of where we are and that we always are in relation to something else. In this case, the opposite place on the earth to Bergen is in the middle of the sea, no land and no specific or distinct characteristics.